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Timidity and peeing

From a FB post

"Lavarch Rottweilers definitely the best advice yet!! Thank you so much for all the information!! He’s such a smart boy! Has been easy to train basic commands, however we are having a bit of a run for the potty training. If it’s just me home with him and the kids he’s very good however when the boyfriends home he tends to make so many messes ( not for a lack of being let out)! He is currently being trained to sleep in a kennel at night as I can not trust him to be alone and roam the house. If he’s not walked before going to bed and all the lights are not off he will whine!! But he’s definitely got so much potential!! I did get him from a breeder that didn’t handle the pups much and had them in a room with limited interaction!! He’s slowing coming out of his timid ways but we still have a lot of work ahead of us!! Socializing is being done as best we can with the social isolation. My question is any tips for breaking him from his timid ways! He’s very sketchy, takes a long time to trust people. He’s so fine with other dogs just not so much humans. Reply It's possible now, with the Covid19 isolations, that you may never fully allay his suspicions about strangers, but, you CAN create, thru more intensive training sessions, an absolute Focus, Obedience and Trust in your commands that will give confidence in your decisions and the ability to override his instinct to flee, cower or lunge. This next bit is ONLY what works in my household.. Many, good, trainers will train for a Down as the best problem-solver. At any given time, my household has small children, pups, re-homing dogs and stray in-laws. "Down" must be trained individually and trained fully whereas "Back up"! is The Most Effective Command for my dogs. 1 lead dog backing up will give the others an instant visual cue and is the way to get thru a doorway safely as well as controlling my mob (currently 5) when ppl turn up at the front door. For a less bold dog, it is an instant way of saying "I am Alpha, behind me, I will deal with this" As to the peeing, i have a child-gate across my laundry entrance and restrict the younger dogs' house access at night.. 2 nights of low-sleep where i hide around corner or leap up out of bed to scold the inevitable whining is worth the peace and quiet forever more. After a period of time (weeks or months), i trial the dog/pup on "inside-at-night".. an incident means laundry again for a week..I've had good successes over the years The "messing" inside when boyfriend is present is due to protective/dominance behavior. Have the boyfriend take an active role in training and feeding. Establish a bed, mat or open crate spot for nighttime settling when family activities have mostly ceased and everyone is together (games, homework time, tv etc) and alternate between you commanding the pup "on your bed" and bf doing so.

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