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Running in the house

For the older dog.

Exuberance! It's the best place in the whole world to him!! And so it should be! But, like children, he needs to be taught that there are simple rules.

Start with leash and a crate or bed.. leash to walk inside with "settle" or similar.

Walk to bed, "on your bed". Several repeats, small reward.

Leave leash on and allow to roam but as soon as behaviour accelerates, return him to bed "on your bed".

At his age, it's not going to be a fast nor easy prospect. But, yes, i have done it successfully with older dogs (i have a houseful).

If gating is an option, gate off sections to show a deterrent to that massive forward momentum initially.

Because you are replacing old, well established habits with new ones, you must commit to spending at least 15 minutes each day for 2 weeks, no exceptions, no lapses. Do not start training until you can say Yes, 2 weeks!

Each time he breaks, rinse and repeat at least 3 times and either continue or put him out till you can devote another session.

You are aiming for "inside=settled, outside=free

And eventually "inside-settled-free

I use tiny cubes of cheese for my rewards. Easy to hold in hand, dispense, cheap

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