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Separation Anxiety 

I wrote this in response to a FB Group post in which the rottie owner asked for help teaching her inside dog to be an outside/inside dog...


Unfortunately, the routine she has known since day dot is the "norm" for her. To rationalize with her that a total change is NOT a punishment and/or abandonment, is a very hard, uphill push. Not impossible but will take enormous understanding on your behalf of WHY she resists. Start with gating off the laundry and leaving back door open. Put her in there for small increments of time with pigs ear, bone or similar.. As soon as she's finished eating, let her in house.. Rinse and repeat Next, shut her in laundry without food, as soon as you get a Quiet few minutes from her, let her in house.. Gradually increase how long u leave her whine and Quiet .. Don't reward the whining, Do reward the quiet It will take a Long time (you are reassuring her anxiety Not teaching her to stay outside) but this method has successfully worked for me on older dogs I might add, this method is only to teach a dog to stay outside during day (with bones & toys) and the reward for acceptance is being Inside at night.. The above method, in addition to some intense obedience training can work wonders. Obedience training will hone her desire to Please as much as helping you control her.

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Toni Cormie
Toni Cormie
Sep 18, 2019

I would also add that for dogs especially prone to ripping up stuff when you're not home, plush toys from RSPCA Op shop and other Op shops, are awesome! Cheap and heaps variety. Dogs don't eat the kapok stuffing and it's easy to stuff into bag and bin it.. (make sure there are no "weight" bead bags inside) I also cover each lounge in a plushy blanket. It "sticks" to the furnishing so can't be easily dragged off and can be popped in the wash (or spate room floor) when guests come over.

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