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All animals including herbivores (and humans), eat faeces at some point. It's nature's way of introducing and maintaining gut flora from adult pack/herd animals to the Young and possibly correcting bacterial imbalances in adults.

A good breeder will expose litters to varied environments, other animals, adult dogs within the kennel and humans. They will keep the environment clean. (But not sterile).

There are so many reasons for such behavior becoming habitual that, quite seriously, a vet is best qualified to advise for each unique case.

Before attendance, a checklist of points to tick off/consider provides for a better informed dialogue.

-Age -Health (Including any antibiotic treatment) -Any incidents of diarrhoea or constant/severe vomiting (other than mild reflux) -Diet (or dietary change) -Environment (day/night) -Date of first manifestation (and how long continued) -How often and when -Possible Stress factors (new home, new pup, new baby) -Your (and household's) reaction to an incidence -Efforts to date, to asses underlying causes or stop behavior

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