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Grow slow

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

In reply to a "slow-feed" question... In regards to a 5 month old pup, gawky teenager look for about another 7 or so months.. she's looking good. Also, females are (and should be) finer in features than males. The trick is, Don't be tempted to feed up.. her Adult size/looks are already in her genes. Your job is Grow Slow and let her bones develop strong. Feed the best quality food you can afford. Neither overfeed nor underfeed. Her nutritional requirements will change from month to month as well as the amount she needs. Lightly cooked liver once or twice a week, is an awesome vitamin/mineral pill. Frozen green beans also make a great treat and can be fed a handful each day. Bananas, apples, pumpkin, celery and broccoli can all be used as "boredom" treats for the hours you are at work (leave whole)

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Toni Cormie
Toni Cormie

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