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Dry, fluffy coat

Winter puppies with soft fluffy coats are no cause for concern at all. There are, however, a few things you can do to encourage the smooth, glossy coat.. Tablespoon vegie oil or tuna/salmon in oil. An egg yolk in milk or lightly poached whole egg; (raw egg whites contain a compound called Avidin which can create a biotin (vitamin B7) deficiency in dogs, the symptoms of which include inhibited cell growth, inhibited fatty acid metabolism and loss of skin and coat condition, but we're talking large quantities of eggs: Avidin is neutralized by cooking)

And smaller, more frequent feeds . Also examine the protein ratio of your feed.. high cereal dry food will also dry his coat out.. 100gms lightly poached liver once or twice a week, is a Super Vitamin/Mineral pill!

Wash your pooch once a week or fortnight to remove scurf, dirt and mites and brush as often as possible. (Towelling off after washing is playtime!)

How do i know all this?


I have always fed 1 or 2 raw eggs per week, to my dogs and pups.

Then i bought chickens!

25 to 30 eggs each week!

Add to that a litter on the ground and my day job hours went from 8 hours/day to 12 the same week pups were weaned.

Normally, i have pups on 4 small meals per day by weaning and gradually tapering off to 2 larger meals by 8 weeks.

These pups went to 2 main, 1 small then 1 dry, 1 wet.. with a LOT of eggs.


Poddy bellies and fluffy, somewhat dry coats.

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