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2 females

This was a response to a query on bringing a female pup into household with an established bitch in situ

"Trainer is top priority... In the meantime, an understanding of the why's of behaviour (canine AND human) may help. Queen is behaving normally. The older dog will always discipline the younger. Don't berate Queen for this. Rather, use a modifier to tell Queen "how much" is acceptable. ("Behave" or "Gentle"). When you are in the room with both dogs, ignore the pup (this is hard and why we train sit/stay asap). Because you have 2 bitches, you must always train for and accept nothing less than "quiet time in the lounge room". Have the pup neutered as soon as she is old enough (I'm assuming Queen is already!!). DO leave them alone in the backyard together (by removing humans from the equation, you remove the Protection drive) (watch from a window but don't let them see you). Don't feed near each other. Feed Queen first, address Queen first, never give Queen's toys or bedding to the pup. All puppy training to be done away from Queen. Ramp up Queen's training as well. The goal is to have two dogs absolutely obedient to humans. Insist on hierarchy obedience. Top teir - You (or partner Next -2 IC Next -ANY other human/s in household Next -Queen Then -Narla Be aware that Queen and Narla may change status with age (but that's a separate topic). Also be aware that no matter the training and subsequent discipline, Narla going into first Heat WILL be a danger period. Lastly, DO seek qualified help and read up on dog/pack behaviours ... there is plenty of good info on the net

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